How to Figure Out Issues With Your Garage Door

20 September 2019
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Every day, you walk into the garage, jump into the car and press the garage remote as you prepare to leave, but today, something is wrong. For some reason, you have an issue with the garage door and it's not working as it should What should you do in this situation? Hesitant Door Begin by identifying the problem. For example, if the door is operating unevenly, this could be due to some form of obstruction or debris in the wheel tracks. Read More 

2 tips for wheelchair users who need to choose a door for their newly-built garage

21 May 2019
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If you use a wheelchair and you need to select a door for your newly-built garage, you may find the advice below to be quite useful. 1. Opt for an electric garage door Whilst manual garage doors are perfectly adequate for many people, they're not necessarily ideal for those who use wheelchairs. In your circumstances, an electric garage door that can be opened and shut remotely by using a handheld device might be more suitable. Read More