How to Figure Out Issues With Your Garage Door

20 September 2019
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Every day, you walk into the garage, jump into the car and press the garage remote as you prepare to leave, but today, something is wrong. For some reason, you have an issue with the garage door and it's not working as it should What should you do in this situation?

Hesitant Door

Begin by identifying the problem. For example, if the door is operating unevenly, this could be due to some form of obstruction or debris in the wheel tracks. Have a look to see if you can find anything here and clear it out of the way. If everything is fine, then the springs may need your attention. When the door is in its fully retracted position, are the springs of the same length? They should also be equal and opposite each other when the door is fully closed, and if they are not, they need to be replaced.

Stuck Door

Perhaps the door is stuck and it's not going anywhere. In this case, it may be blocked by debris or leaves but if you've already ruled that out, then it could be due to inadequate lubricant. If it's been some time since you attended to those moving parts, then don't be surprised if the door is now a little slow to respond.

Screeching Door

Does the door make a loud, screeching noise when it is attempting to open? Have a look at the condition of the tracks; if they are not perfectly smooth, you will need to clean them. Try not to use any harsh products as this could damage the vulnerable aluminium surface. The door track should be completely smooth, and the mechanism should be completely quiet if all is well.

Falling Door

If the door attempted to open before falling back to the ground quickly, then this could be due to faulty cables or damaged springs. Have a look at the cables, and if they are frayed or damaged, they need to be replaced without delay. With the door in the closed position, have a look at the springs and they should now be fully extended with no free play. If this is not the case, then you will need to call in an expert to replace them.

Safety First

If you cannot open the door and are unsure of the reason why, never try to force it. Call a local garage door technician for help and make other arrangements for your transportation in the meantime.