Garage Door Repairs: 3 Ways to Know When Your Automatic Garage Door Is Faulty

17 June 2021
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The radio transmitter is what determines the opening and closing of automatic garage doors. That means automatic garage door openers rely on the transmitters to work. Besides that, the doors come with a remote which transmits signals to the receiver. If the receiver recognises the signals sent, it opens the door. This convenience offered by automatic garage doors is the reason many homes have invested in them today. 

However, your door will jam or become inefficient if you use it inappropriately or fail to maintain it properly. Essentially, you should know when your garage door is failing and contact the contractors on time. Read on to find out when you may need automatic garage door repairs.

1. The Door Jams When Opening 

When you press the garage door's remote, the entrance should open up. But sometimes, the door may stop midway, or it may stop then close again. These issues usually indicate that the sensors found along the garage door's track are blocked. Therefore, you should check for any physical blockages or clean the sensor's eye. If these simple solutions don't work, you may need assistance from garage door repair experts.

2. The Garage Door Opener Is Old

Like all other machines, the automatic door will wear out after using it for an extended period. For instance, the opener can only offer about 15,000 operations before breaking down. These cycles could serve you for up to ten years before you start facing serious issues, depending on how much you use the garage door. In such cases, garage door repairs like replacing the opener will be necessary. However, it is best to talk to the expert to determine whether to repair the door or replace it entirely.

3. The Door's Controller Does Not Work

When the automatic garage door's controller fails to work after pressing it, the problem may be a low battery charge. So, start by getting new batteries to see if that helps. If it does not help, try to hit the switch found inside the garage physically. If neither of these solutions works, you are dealing with a more serious motor or breaker issue. Only a qualified professional can analyse the root cause of the issue and fix it.

Look for the signs listed above to determine when you should call the garage door repair experts. By doing this, you will ensure that issues are fixed in good time before they escalate.