Top 3 Requirements for Adding an Automatic Garage Door Opener to Your Home

12 September 2018
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An automatic garage door is a feature that many new homeowners take for granted. But if your older home still features a manual garage door, it may be time for you to contemplate some of the benefits automatic openers can bring to the table. 

Automatic openers are a great convenience feature. They eliminate the need to come out of your car to manually lift your garage door – you simply need to press a button on a remote control device to open the large door. By allowing you to access your garage from a distance, these door openers minimise the risk of injury, thus making daily garage operation a lot safer. 

In addition, automatic garage doors aren't forced opened as easily as manual doors, thus they improve the security of your home. If you undertake this home improvement project, it will definitely add to the value of your home. 

Having looked at some of the essential benefits you stand to gain by switching to an automatic garage door, the all-important question is: will an automatic opener work for you? Here are the key requirements for adding an automatic garage opener to your home.

1. Power 

Automatic openers are essentially electric-powered devices used to remotely open and close garage doors. These devices only work in homes with electric power supply and won't work when there's a power outage. 

Thankfully, automatic garage door openers usually incorporate a bypass to allow people to manually operate their garage doors when there's a blackout. 

2. Space

Electric garage door openers take up space. These door openers are typically attached to the ceiling, but if you want to save ceiling space, you can install your door opener on the garage walls. 

Unlike traditional openers, modern wall mount designs free the garage ceiling of dangling components, thus eliminating obstructions and saving ceiling space.

3. Structural supports

As automatic openers are designed to hang on the ceiling or walls of your garage, they require structural support. Before installing a new unit, you will need to sort all the parts and ensure you have all the supports and fixings required to secure the unit in the proper position. 

For instance, you may require angle iron pieces to hold the motor unit in the ceiling and wood blocking to support the bracket above the door.

While you can install an electric garage door opener yourself, it is best to leave the job to a professional. They will finish the job faster, but also ensure safe operation of the door down the road.