Separating the Fact From the Fiction About Residential Gates

28 July 2017
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Gates on your property can increase security for your home and family, as they allow you to fully enclose your yard and keep out potential intruders. Gates can also give your home a very stately look and improve its overall curb appeal. However, some homeowners shy away from getting gates on their property, simply because they're a bit confused about how gates work and even how they look. Note a few factors to keep in mind about residential gates, so you can separate the fact from the fiction and determine if these are a good choice for your home.


When you think of gates for a property, you may think of something so large and imposing that it looks like it belongs in front of a prison or a mansion. While gates certainly can be very large and very stately, as said, they can also be very small and fitting for any residential home. They may be no taller than a standard metal fence, and a swing gate can be made with just one panel that opens like a door, instead of two panels that swing out from the middle. This can also tone down the size and make the gate seem more proportionate to even the smallest of properties.


It's also a common misconception that gates of any style and size are noisy, but a gate should make no more noise than a garage door. Noisy gates usually just need some repair or maintenance, as this noise is often the fault of rusty hinges on a swing gate, or rusty chains on a sliding gate. A swing gate that has tilted somewhat, perhaps because of an unsecure base, may also groan as it opens. Oiling the gate or straightening a post can be all that's need to keep a gate quiet.


As with the size of a gate, you may assume that residential gates are always made of iron bars or solid wood panels. These certainly are very popular choices, but they're not your only choice. You can have metal panel gates laser cut into any design, and wood slats that run horizontally, rather than a solid wood panel, is also a very unique choice. You might also opt for solid wood posts that create a rustic, farm-style look for the gate. There is no end to the possibilities when it comes to the appearance of a residential gate, so you shouldn't let that put you off from choosing a gate for your property.