Tips When Replacing a Broken Garage Door Spring

12 February 2016
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Since your garage door gets a lot of use, it is no surprise that some of the parts will begin to wear out over time. Not only will they become worn and negatively impact the function of the door, but it is also possible for some parts to break entirely. The springs on your garage door is the part that is most prone to breaking. Springs for your garage door have a high amount of pressure on them, which means that replacing them requires caution. Before you replace the broken spring on your garage door, it is important that you are aware of replacement tips designed to make the process simpler and safer.


It is important that before you even begin dealing with the broken spring that you raise the garage door. By making sure that the garage door is in the open position, you can make sure that there is less pressure applied to the spring. It is also suggested that you place a clamp under the roller on the side of the garage door where the broken spring is present. This will help to keep the door stable while you are working and ensure that the door does not fall and apply increased pressure on the spring when you are in the middle of replacing it. Once you remove the spring, the door will be a lot heavier, which means that a clamp needs to be in place to keep it in the open position.


You can remove the broken garage door spring by taking off the safety cable that it is attached to. It is attached to a pulley on one end and then hooked to the door track. You can bend the spring in a way to unhook it from the track and release it from the pulley. Make sure that you note the way the spring was attached to the door, because this is how you will need to reattach a new spring. You can even take the broken garage door spring with you to the hardware store to ensure that you purchase the right type of spring.


Once the broken spring is removed and you have a new spring, you can attach it to the track and the pulley. Make sure that you guide it on in a motion that mimics how you removed it. Just be sure that when you are attaching the spring that it is not stretched too far. It will stretch more once you put the door down. If it is stretched too much before the door is lowered, it might cause the spring to break right away.