Top 3 Requirements for Adding an Automatic Garage Door Opener to Your Home

12 September 2018
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An automatic garage door is a feature that many new homeowners take for granted. But if your older home still features a manual garage door, it may be time for you to contemplate some of the benefits automatic openers can bring to the table.  Automatic openers are a great convenience feature. They eliminate the need to come out of your car to manually lift your garage door – you simply need to press a button on a remote control device to open the large door. Read More 

Garage Door Maintenance: Promoting Optimal Performance and Preventing Failure

21 December 2017
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Garage doors are designed and built to provide long-term service in the home. However, these structures are not indestructible; they can fail. In simple terms, garage doors will experience a decline in performance due to wearing and tearing due to normal usage. Also, the element might become compromised due to impact and pressure accidents. If you have noticed the degradation of the garage door in your home, you should consider using the below guidelines to promote optimal functionality. Read More 

Separating the Fact From the Fiction About Residential Gates

28 July 2017
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Gates on your property can increase security for your home and family, as they allow you to fully enclose your yard and keep out potential intruders. Gates can also give your home a very stately look and improve its overall curb appeal. However, some homeowners shy away from getting gates on their property, simply because they're a bit confused about how gates work and even how they look. Note a few factors to keep in mind about residential gates, so you can separate the fact from the fiction and determine if these are a good choice for your home. Read More 

How to Troubleshoot a Few Common Problems With an Automatic Garage Door

26 July 2016
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Your automatic garage door opener may run for years without any problems, and then suddenly stop operating one day without any type of warning. The door may not open or it may not close properly or at all. It's often good to leave very involved repairs to a professional as these doors are very heavy and the springs that operate them can be dangerous, and of course you should never try to repair electrical devices yourself if you don't know how to do that safely. Read More 

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Manual Garage Door

30 June 2016
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If you are tired of having to get out of your car and manually open your garage door every time your approach your home, perhaps it is time to consider installing an automatic garage door. Below is a guide to the benefits of an automatic garage door. Increased Security Automatic garage doors offer increased security compared to manually operated versions. This is because automatic garage doors do not feature external weak points such as handles or keyholes. Read More